Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014

You may already be aware that as of 6th April this year, all dogs over 8 weeks old are required to have a microchip and for their keeper’s details to be kept up to date on an approved national database. Penalties for persistent non-compliance can be a fine of up to £500.

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A pet microchip is a tiny electronic device, implanted under an animal’s skin, that contains a unique 15 digit code. When registered with a national database this code allows the finder of a lost pet to trace the owner quickly and efficiently. The chip does not store your details directly so must be registered with a national database.

If you are unsure if your dog is microchipped or not then we can check your dog, free of charge, at one of our practices, and in many cases will be able to instantly check registration details (please note that an appointment is normally required for this service). If we find they are not microchipped then we can implant one for just £15 (during March and April 2016).

If we implant a microchip it comes with free lifetime registration with a national database and because we can do this electronically registration is virtually instantaneous – no form filling! We can even offer ‘minichips’ that are 1/3 smaller than standard microchips – particularly useful for sensitive or small dogs. Please note that databases usually charge an administration fee for changing contact details although you may be able to upgrade to a ‘premium’ membership, which gives free changes for the lifetime of the animal.

If your dog has a microchip already and you have the registration documents you can easily check their status online or by phone – please find contact details for the most common databases below:

Database name           Website                                       Contact phone number

Petlog                                 www.petlog.org                             01296 336 579

Anibase                              www.anibase.com                        01904 487600

PETrac                                www.pettrac.co.uk                        0800 652 8 977 or 01273 408721

Pet Protect                        microchip.petprotect.co.uk         0800 077 8558

Pet Identity UK                www.petidentityuk.info                0800 975 1960

If you are unsure which database your pet is registered with, but have their microchip number (e.g. in a vaccination certificate), then please visit www.check-a-chip.co.uk

Please don’t forget it’s not just dogs who can have a microchip implanted – although not legally required is really is a good idea for cats too – in fact most species can be microchipped – we have even done parrots and tortoises.

Please be reassured that vets are not responsible for policing this new regulation, so concern over the lack of a microchip should never prevent an owner from seeking veterinary attention for a sick or injured animal.